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    Exterior Color
      Interior Covering
        • Aerodynamic and distinctive design
        • Economical fuel efficiency
        • Independently developed hybrid engine

        The image may differ from the actual product.
        It's not just beautiful, but the aerodynamic design also minimizes air resistance
        to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce noise and improve driving performance.
        • Two pillars

          A powerful internal combustion engine for when you want more power. An efficient electric motor for smooth and eco-driving. Now that’s a power couple.

        • A battery that takes care of itself

          No need to worry about recharging. When the battery runs out, the Sonata Hybrid shifts to gasoline engine mode. The electricity generated from the operating engine charges the battery.

        • Lithium polymer battery

          Having been around for about a decade, it is proven that Sonata Hybrid’s lithium polymer batteries are safe. Plus, they are light and long-lasting.

        • highlights_slider_front
          Active air flap

          An active air flap controls air inflow to apply
          proactive cooling control to the engine. Closing
          at higher speeds to reduce drag, it enhances
          performance and fuel efficiency.

          Air curtain

          Accelerated air flow at the front of the vehicle
          forms an air curtain that dramatically reduces
          the drag effect caused by turbulent air for
          improved aerodynamics.

        • highlights_slider_rear
          Rear spoiler

          The elegantly shaped rear spoiler and precisely
          designed rear lamps were created with full
          consideration for optimum aerodynamics.

          Center floor
          and side sill molding

          A center floor and side sill molding
          undercover allow for the smooth
          flow of air underneath the car,
          improving fuel efficiency and

        • highlights_main_list1 HYBRID SYSTEM The world's first parallel
          hybrid-only engine.
          Closehighlights_main_view1 Hybrid system The driving performance is enhanced even further by
          working together precisely with regenerative braking
          system, traction motor, lithium polymer battery and
          hybrid engine.

          Lithium polymer

          braking system

          Hybrid engine

        • highlights_main_list2 PASSENGER SPACE Experience complete
          Closehighlights_main_view2 Passenger space Upgraded passenger space with the capacity of whopping
          3,007 liters, has lowered the driver's seat height and
          increased the backseat headroom and legroom, all to ensure
          the most stable driving posture and comfortable ride.
          Head room 1,025 mm (Front) / 975 mm (Rear)
          Leg room 1,155 mm (Front) / 905 mm (Rear)
        A Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 language applied future-oriented design. HID headlamps, LED DRL and rear spoilers
        are equipped to add luxurious touch, and aerodynamics is used to minimize drag.
        • moreRadiator grille
          moreHID headlamps with LED
          daytime running lights (DRL)
          moreLED front fog lamps
          • Radiator grille So sporty, so dynamic. The big mesh grille surely knows how to express the dynamism of Sonata Hybrid. Behind the grille exists an intelligent hydraulic control unit to maximize aerodynamic performance and fuel efficiency.
          • HID headlamps with LED
            daytime running lights (DRL)
            No more blurry night driving. See further and brighter with HID headlamps. No more daytime accidents. LED daytime running lights (DRL), which automatically turn on when the engine starts, help the driver see other vehicles and pedestrians better during the daytime.
          • LED front fog lamps Ever seen such stylish fog lamps? Sonata Hybrid's front fog lamps, extremely useful in the dark, became more refined to give a sportier touch to the car's aggressive and wide bumper.
        • morePanorama sunroof
          moreOutside mirror
          moreAlloy wheels
          • Panorama sunroof Open up and become one with the nature! Feel the fresh air, openness and best-in-class spaciousness with the panoramic sunroof, a unique present in this class.
          • Outside mirror repeaters See better, be seen better. Heated & electric folding outside mirrors with blind spot detection provide excellent rear view and stylish outside mirror repeaters provide increased visibility to other drivers.
          • Alloy wheels Sonata Hybrid offers a choice of alloy wheels ranging from 16" to 17", all carefully designed for low-noise performance, improved fuel efficiency and dynamic driving.
        • moreRear spoiler
          moreLED rear combination
          • Rear spoiler Sonata Hybrid's rear spoiler beautifully demonstrates the aerodynamics of the car. Forming a natural extension of the roofline, it gives a more sporty and stylish charm to the vehicle as well as improving fuel efficiency and driving stability.
          • LED rear combination lamps For Sonata Hybrid, the rear is just as important as the front. LED rear combination lamps invite the side character line to smoothly embrace the rear body to create a robust and clear image.
        For the utmost convenience and easy operation, the car is equipped with human-to-machine interface
        along with the screens and switches all arranged within the Hand reach zone.
        Seat color
        • Gray
        • Beige
        • Blue Pearl
        Interior design

        Generously broadened emotional space. The side headroom has been expanded by downsizing the A-pillar and also the
        backseat legroom has been upsized boasting the best in class spaciousness. Cozy pure leather seats in hybrid-exclusive blue
        pearl color grant the space with a captivating modern and trendy appeal.

        Supervision cluster
        with 4.2" color TFT LCD

        A range of vehicle information is displayed on the cluster to support safer and more energy efficient driving. With easy readability and intuitive operation, the made-for-Sonata Hybrid cluster informs you with your eco levels and helps you maximize your fuel economy.

        1. ECO guide gauge 2. State of Charge (SOC)
        3. Warning and indicator lights 4. LCD display 5. Speedometer
        Steering wheel remote controls

        Just grab the wheel - and let it do the rest. The manual tilt & telescopic power steering wheel lets you adjust the position and temperature of the wheel to your liking. Precise steering enhances driving safety.

        steering wheel

        Full auto air
        conditioning system

        One cabin, two different tastes? No need to compromise. Thanks to the full auto air conditioning system, the driver and front passenger have separate controls for preferred temperature and fan speed.

        Premium sound system

        The sound system is a high-quality audio set-up that delivers a surround-sound musical experience through eight optimally tuned high performance speakers and sub-woofers.only available in select regions

        Seat folding system (6:4 type)

        Don't fold your luggage, fold your seats! This clever seat folding system enables you to partially or completely fold the back row seats for various space utilization. With the full-flat trunk space, your luggage is taken care of, no matter how large it may be.

        Manual rear window curtains

        Sometimes you need full privacy, even from the sun! Curtains on the rear windows provide just the right privacy for you, also blocking intense sunlight.


        • Driver’s power seat
          Offering almost limitless adjustability and operating with a fingertip control, the 8-way driver’s power seat ensures the driver is always in the right position.

        • Electric backlite curtain
          If the sunshine is too strong or you simply want a little more privacy, an electric backlite curtain is operated at the touch of a button.

        • Heated steering wheel
          A heated steering wheel provides a warm, comfortable grip during cold weather to improve the driving experience.

        • Integrated memory system (IMS)
          You have your driving preferences, with the wheel, outside mirrors and seat height just so. Integrated memory seat remembers it all for you.
        Experience a perfect balance between efficiency and power. Sonata Hybrid ceaselessly
        controls the system to maintain the optimal performance for the best drive.
        • 2.0 GDi
          hybrid engine

          The power and performance generated from outstanding fuel efficiency of 4.7 liters / 100 km, maximum output of 156 ps at 6,000 rpm, and torque of 19.3 kg∙m at 5,000 rpm set new standards for a hybrid vehicle engine.

          Max. Power
          156 ps
          Max. Torque
          19.3 kg·m
        Hybrid system

        Wasted energy gathered for later use. Sonata Hybrid's advanced regenerative braking system charges the battery whenever the
        brakes are applied. Also, the car ensures the most economical drive with the world's first parallel hybrid-only engine.

        • Lithium polymer
        • Regenerative braking
        • Hybrid engine
        Drive mode control system
        1. Start
        2. Low speed
        3. Accelerate
        4. Accelerate
          & Climb
        5. Cruise
        6. Decelerate
        7. Stationary

        • Traction motor: EV mode

          At the "start" level, the system is ready to go.
          The hybrid engine is poised to start at your command.

        • Traction motor: EV mode

          When running at low torque, only the traction motor is operated.
          That means zero fuel consumption and hybrid engine noise.

        • Hybrid engine + Traction motor

          When you need to accelerate, the hybrid engine is automatically started.
          Efficient hybrid engine and traction motor use let you save fuel.

        • Hybrid engine + Traction motor

          Approaching an incline? No problem. The hybrid engine and
          traction motor provide torque and power for a stress-free climb.

        • Hybrid engine + Traction motor

          In cruise mode, the vehicle runs on either the hybrid engine or the traction motor.
          When battery is low, the recharging begins.

        • Recharge

          In deceleration mode, the hybrid engine stops. And the regenerative braking
          system harnesses the energy created when braking to recharge the battery.

        • Hybrid engine hold

          When you're at a stop or a traffic light, both the hybrid engine and traction motor completely stop.
          That means no fuel consumption and no emissions.
          Note that the hybrid engine runs to recharge when battery level is low.

        • Lithium polymer battery
          For efficient and safe electrical energy management, a compact, powerful and long lasting 270 V lithium polymer battery is installed. The battery, being relocated to the tire well, renders the car's luggage compartment more space.

        • 6-speed automatic transmission
          Smooth 6-speed automatic transmission device is attached to a clutch separating the hybrid engine and traction motor.

        • Integrated driving mode system
          Drive mode system has different driving
          types-normal, sports, and eco-depending on the steering feel you require and to suit different driving conditions.
        Built to maximize driving pleasure, designed to minimize the risk of accidents in any circumstances.
        Sonata Hybrid ensures you both thrilling and safe ride.
        • Blind spot detection (BSD)

          The Blind spot detection (BSD) system on the rear bumper detects objects in your blind spot
          and alerts you when vehicles enter the blind spot by illuminating a warning light on the side
          view mirror.

        • Electronic stability control (ESC)

          Electronic stability control (ESC) detects and reduces loss of traction to improve the vehicle’s
          stability. It sensibly understands the driver’s desired course of direction and guides the vehicle
          according to the intention. It is particularly effective in stabilizing movement of the car when
          skidding in sudden turns.

        • Hill-start assist control (HAC)

          Peace of mind up on the hill. While stopped on a slope, the Hill-start assist control (HAC)
          prevents the car from rolling back when you step off the brake to ascend the slope.

        • Static bending lights (SBL)

          Static bending lights (SBL) operate when the steering wheel is rotated to make a turn at night. By
          projecting more light on the road ahead, the system ensures wider visibility and safer cornering.

        • BSD
        • ESC
        • HAC
        • SBL
        • END
        • Virtual hybrid engine sound system (VESS) Sorry to be too quiet. Because the hybrid engine is so noiseless, there was a need
          for a virtual engine sound that sounds like a conventional engine in order to let the
          pedestrians know that a car is approaching.
        • 6-airbag system Properly prepared for collisions from every angle. Sonata Hybrid promises your
          safety with a 6-airbag system that includes driver and passenger airbags, front side
          airbags and front and rear curtain airbags.
        • Traction control system (TCS) Traction control system (TCS) reduces wheel spin to prevent the wheels from losing traction
          on wet and slippery roads and helps the car maintain stability and control when

        • Active headrests
          The safety features are truly everywhere. Active headrests help reduce the chance of whiplash in a rear-end collision.

        • Electric parking brake (EPB)
          The electric parking brake operates with simple button control for excellent parking convenience.
        The latest driver-oriented hybrid technology delivers you sheer comfort even during dynamic driving.
        • Front & rear parking assist system (PAS) Smooth, easy and stress-free, that's what parking should be like. Sensors at the front and rear help you park in a narrow parking space swiftly and safely by detecting nearby obstacles and guiding you with a warning alarm if you are to close.
        • Smart trunk system Your hands are full and you need to open the trunk. A hands-free smart trunk lid system does this for you with just the press of a smart key. Or, without even. Stand near the trunk with the smart key for three seconds, and voila. It’s open.
        • Navigation system No road is new to Sonata Hybrid's navigation system. The wide 8" touch screen display with remarkable legibility provides you all smart locational information, energy flow, possible driving distance and eco driving information all so easily. only available in select regions
        • Seat warming & cooling air ventilation system With Sonata Hybrid, you get not only seat warmers to keep you toasty in cold weather, but air ventilation seats to keep the air crisp and fresh.

        • Smart key & Engine start / stop button
          A key that’s as neat and practical as the car itself. For ease of use, three separate buttons lock and unlock the doors and release the trunk. The only thing you need to do to fire the engine is pressing a start / stop button.

        • Connectivity (USB and AUX)
          Plug your mobile device into the AUX & USB socket, and you can play your favorite tunes from stored music files.

        • Rain sensor
          A sensor installed on the windshield detects the amount of rainfall and automatically sets the wiper speed to the optimum level.

        • Electronic chromic mirror (ECM)
          The rear-view mirror detects the amount of light from other vehicles’ headlamps and automatically reduces the glare.

        • Audio system (Radio / CD / MP3 / Bluetooth)
          An audio system equipped with Bluetooth and CD and MP3 playback function allows for high-quality sound and easy operation. only available in select regions