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Exterior Color
Interior Covering
IONIQ electric Driven by e-motion.
Charged with dynamics.
  • High power electric motor
  • Large capacity Lithium-Ion Polymer battery
  • Over 280 Km driving range


The image may differ from the actual product.

Charges faster than
a smartphone.
Within the aerodynamic body are high-performance components that have been specially designed to work perfectly together. So the IONIQ Electric brings you an all-electric driving experience that’s as enjoyable as it is efficient.


From here,
the future looks brilliant.

  • Smooth Striking design accents are
    integrated into the smooth
    sculpted surfaces of the
  • Sleek More than just attractive,
    with a drag coefficient of only 0.24,
    the IONIQ cuts effortlessly
    through the air.

Inspirational design. Created by emotion.

Sleekly alluring, the IONIQ Electric possesses an elegant presence from every angle.
Its smooth lines and balanced proportions express an inspiring blend of all-electric performance and energy efficiency.


Enjoy the connectivity provided by Apple CarPlay,
Android Auto and wireless charging for smart phones.


The digital instrument cluster indicates drive mode and
clearly monitors energy flow.

Multimedia information centre,
wireless charging

The navigation system includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and LIVE services,
which include the location of charge points. Wireless charging is available at the tip of your finger.


Lightweight aluminium and high-strength steel create a
strong, rigid structure that makes the IONIQ both agile
and stable.


The IONIQ meets the latest European safety standards.

* IONIQ Electric zero on road CO2 emmision

Shaped by the wind.
The IONIQ Electric blends stunning design and superlative aerodynamic performance.
A pure statement of dynamic confidence.
  • exterior_car_front
    moreLED Daytime Running Lights
    moreLED headlamps
    moreForm and function
    • exterior_front_sub1
      LED Daytime Running Lights The dynamic curve of the Daytime Running Lights also defines the subtle intakes that feed the Active Airflow reducing turbulence around the front wheels.
    • exterior_front_sub2_on
      LED headlamps A win-win situation: LED headlamps improve night vision with higher light output while requiring less energy that conventional lamps.
    • exterior_front_sub3
      Form and function Dynamically styled headlamps are integrated into the smooth grille panel, which also conceals the Advanced Smart Cruise Control radar sensor behind the Hyundai badge. The signature accent bar is either Copper or Silver, depending on the exterior colour.
  • exterior_car_side
    moreOptimized wheels and tyres
    sleek silhouette
    moreCharge ports
    • exterior_side_sub1
      Optimized wheels and tyres Overall energy efficiency is enhanced by 16” alloy wheels and ultra-low rolling resistance tyres that have been specifically developed for the IONIQ Electric.
    • exterior_side_sub3
      Super-efficient sleek silhouette The design purity of IONIQ is maintained from front to rear. The gentle slope of the roofline merges seamlessly into the rear spoiler. The result is a shape that is both sporty and aerodynamically efficient.
    • exterior_side_sub2
      Charge ports Conveniently located behind the single flap on the left rear flank are both the Standard charge port, and the Quick charge port that can charge up to 80% in only 23 minutes.
  • exterior_car_rear
    moreDesign integrity
    moreRear combination lamps
    • exterior_rear_sub1
      Design integrity The harmonious combination of the rear spoiler, lower glass area, rear lamps, contrasting bumper insert and the signature accent bar confirms the complete integrity of the IONIQ design.
    • exterior_rear_sub2_on
      Rear combination lamps Unique to the IONIQ Electric, the bright LED rear lamps use less energy and reinforce the car’s design integrity.
Simply pure. Purely simple.
The spacious interior of the IONIQ Electric is charged with distinct design purity.
Accent color
  • Copper
  • White
  • Woven
  • Leather
  • Woven
  • Leather
  • Seat materials
Eco-friendly materials

The innovative use of eco-friendly interior materials for door trims, headlining and
carpets confirms IONIQ’s status as the sustainably built electric car.

D-Cut steering wheel

The sporty D-cut steering wheel is equipped with paddles that control the variable regenerative braking.

Always in touch

IONIQ connectivity is accessed via the 8” colour touch-screen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and LIVE services with the new navigation platform enhance every journey. IONIQ comes with Premium Infinity Sound System and wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones.

Signature design accents

The cabin of the IONIQ Electric is enhanced by tasteful décor elements in Copper or White, depending on the exterior colour.

Centre console

Fingertip switching between forward, neutral and reverse, ECO, NORMAL and SPORT drive modes, and operation of the electric parking brake is conveniently located within the Central Control Console.

Capacious storage compartment

Located between the Central Control Console and the dashboard is a generously proportioned 3-litre storage space. It’s surprising what it can accommodate.

Instrument cluster

The large digital colour display provides an extensive range of driving information including speed, energy use, driving range and state of charge. The style changes according to the driving mode, ECO, NORMAL or SPORT.

Comprehensive connectivity

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are incorporated into the multimedia navigation system of the IONIQ.

Wireless charging for smartphones

Compatible smartphones can be charged wirelessly via the integrated charge pad. Non-compatible smart phones require a wireless charging adapter.

* IONIQ Electric. Driving range varies depending on driving circumstance.
The carefully matched components of the electric powertrain have been engineered to provide
excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range.
Electric usage
Regenerative braking
  • Electric acceleration The powerful, 295 Nm electric motor provides
    maximum torque from start-up, for impressive
    acceleration especially at low speeds.
    drive modes
    The NORMAL drive mode is augmented by an ECO mode that
    maximizes energy efficiency, and a SPORT mode that puts an
    extra 30 Nm torque under your foot to reach a maximum of 295 Nm.
  • Electric parking brake The parking brake, with helpful AutoHold function,
    is easily applied by simply lifting the button.
  • Shift by wire Switching between forward, neutral and reverse, or between the
    three drive modes, is facilitated by the closely grouped buttons on
    the Centre Console.
  • An expression of clarity The cabin of the IONIQ Electric expresses the virtues
    of simplicity, space and intuition.
IONIQ Electric can be charged in a variety of ways, at home or on the go.
So you can take every opportunity to enjoy electric driving.
At home
  • Standard
    IONIQ Electric is equipped with an In-Cable Control Box that makes charging from a standard household socket simplicity itself. Charging time is approximately 12 hours.
  • Wall box
    A dedicated household “Wall Box” charging point can be fixed or mobile, and incorporates a control unit that is fused independently from the household circuit. It uses 3-phase alternating current and can provide a 100% charge in 4 hours 25 minutes.
On the go
  • Public charging station
    IONIQ Electric is compatible with all fixed public AC charging stations. Charging time around 4.5 hours.
  • Fast charging station (DC)
    Using a DC power source is the fastest way to charge your IONIQ Electric. Charging time is 30 minutes at 50 kW and 23 minutes at 100 kW.
Charging locations
Every IONIQ Electric is equipped with our Advanced Navigation system (AVN) which includes the category “Charging Station” in its Point Of Interest (POI) menu. Selecting “Charging Station” will identify your nearest public charging stations and guide you to the location of your preferred station.
Routes, Traffic info, Points
of interest. And your
nearest charge station.

The IONIQ Electric navigation system also provides guidance to the most convenient charging stations along your preferred route.

Hyundai SmartSense
Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation.
Our focus isn't speed or showiness, but safety and stability.
  • Lane Keeping Assist-Line/Road-edge (LKA-L/R)

    Vehicle-mounted cameras monitor lane markings and provide visual or audible alerts should
    the IONIQ Electric get too close to the limits of the lane when the driver has not signalled
    a lane-change. Additionally the system keeps the car in the lane.

  • Blind-spot Collision Warning (BCW)

    Sensors mounted in the car’s rear flanks detect the proximity of any vehicle obscured in the blind spot and trigger a warning light in the door mirror and an acoustic alert if a turn signal is activated. The system is combined with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, ensuring safe rear exit
    from parking spaces.

  • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA)

    Radar and camera sensors alert the driver to the possibility of an on-road collision, and apply braking as necessary to avoid or mitigate impact with pedestrians or other vehicles.

  • Adaptive Smart Cruise Control (ASCC)

    Increases safety and reduces stress by maintaining a set distance to the preceding vehicle, automatically reducing or increasing speed up to a pre-set limit, according to prevailing traffic conditions. In “stop & go” traffic, the pre-determined distance is maintained by ASCC after coming to a standstill, restarting the motor when forward movement ahead is detected and
    a tap is given by the foot on the accelerator.

  • LKA-L/R
  • BCW
  • FCA
  • ASCC
  • END