Hyundai Motor Accompanies
You in Every Trace of Your Travel Records

"Records" are more powerful than mere "memories".
Especially, records of the travel places, filled with amazement and
fluttering moments, will remain as powerful memories in one’s mind.

Hyundai Motor, for six months since July 2015, has tracked
records of strong memories in six iconic cities loved by tourists
from all over the world. The records have been compiled into our
inspirational “#Travelmate” campaign covering New York, Paris,
Barcelona, Singapore, Istanbul and Mexico City.

Special transportation that carries inspirational memories

In cities like New York, Mexico City and Istanbul, crowded with tourists throughout the year, you will often encounter trams and city tour buses. You will see all these advertisement pieces wrapped around trams and buses. But, it was quite special this time. When you stood nearer, you could see Hyundai Motor brand logo, but you would see a cool skyscraper of the city when you step back. You would also get to read this line above the Manhattan skyline: Step Back and See More of New York. This message conveyed the idea that the real joy of traveling is to enjoy a new, and a unique view by stepping one step back.
The outer parts of the buses in Paris, Barcelona and Singapore caught the attention of many with the new Tucson wrapped in gift boxes. The message – “A New Experience Awaits” – surely came as an encouragement for the excited tourists in a foreign new world. Hyundai Motor provided Wi-Fi services in the city tour buses in Paris and Mexico City to help the tourists share precious moments away from their hometown with their families, loved ones and friends. These moments of happiness filled up the social network channels with the hashtag that reads #Hyundai Travelmate. Indeed, Hyundai Motor accompanied the tourists in their special memories. The joy of travel is fulfilled when you share experiences together.

Hyundai Motor accompanies you in your precious life journey

Instead of creating a mere bus wrapping advertisement in reputable cities, Hyundai Motor wanted to share this moving art piece with people around the world; it is because we wanted the tourists to be fully inspired and share the flutter of their happy moments with more people. Hyundai Motor, in hopes to be a genuine TravelMate in this campaign, actually dreams bigger; we want to become a real companion of your journey in life. We will accompany you in every trace of your lifetime memories.