New Thinking Campaign
A Message
to Space

From the vast desert floor of the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada, a message of love is sent to the outer space as Hyundai transforms it into a canvas to send Stephanie’s special message to her longing astronaut father working at the International Space Station.

This extraordinary experience has been shared with many others through our #AMessagetoSpace event. Sending a warm message to your loved ones no matter how far the distance, Hyundai’s innovation creates new possibilities and keeps everyone close at heart.


A Message to Space

Behind the Scenes

'It has to be as big as the city.'

Missing her astronaut father, Stephanie from Houston sends him a love message beautifully written by 11 Hyundai Genesis. Watch our story to see how our cars go beyond being a means of transportation as Hyundai’s global team delivers the extraordinary message to outer space. Showing their immeasurable love and Hyundai’s incredible passion, this message is officially acknowledged as ‘The largest tire track image’ by Guinness World Records®.

Behind the Story: Creating Possibilities

When it comes to scale like never before and world-class innovation in technology and communication, Hyundai’s Genesis holds up to all its statements in meeting all the challenging demands of this creative project.

Sending a love message on the Nevada desert floor to the outer space, Stephanie’s message unfolds as 11 Hyundai Genesis moves in precision with its advanced agility, handling and nimbleness. Its great endurance also makes Genesis a perfect fit for the unpredictable conditions in such desolate location.

The result is an incredibly rewarding experience that inspires us all in creating new possibilities and that connects us closer than ever before.

Your stories inspire our
innovative thinking.

As your lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond, Hyundai thrives in bringing new ways of connecting people.

GENESIS Explorer


To share Stephanie’s unique experience, Hyundai has recreated the opportunity with people from all over the world to send their warm love messages to their family and friends via online videos and to share it with their special someone via SNS.

This 2015 #AMessagetoSpace event ran from April 13 to May 17.

HYUNDAI INSPIRED Inspiring more people around the world with Hyundai’s innovative thinking and leading-edge technology, Hyundai is an international winner in advertising and has set a new record in Guinness World Records® 2015 .

YouTube Search Results

  • - Over 6.9 million views on YouTube (July 2015)
  • - Most viewed advertisement on YouTube (April 2015)
  • - Top 2 automobile advertisement of all time
  • - Most shared advertisement on SNS (April 2015)
    following its global launch on 13 April, 2015
People’s Choice of YouTube Ads in April 2015 YouTube Ads Leaderboard: 2015 Cannes to Cannes

YouTube User Comments

  • Amazing job to send a
    message to space.

  • OMGosh, a Father's Day
    card from Earth. Another
    commercial so beautiful it
    can be forgiven for
    being one. #fathers

  • This Hyundai : A Messeage
    To Space AD Campaign is
    the Best one I've seen in
    years. I Just Love It, YAY!
    Space, Family Love, Great
    Music & Hot Cars Writing
    in the Desert Sands, what
    a Story. Marvelous,
    Magnificent & Imaginative.
    You Damned Humans are

  • Really cool.

  • That was remarkable!

  • I saw awesome, love,
    creativity, technology
    and fuel.

  • Ohhh Hyundai, you're
    so sweet! Now, I'm gonna
    buy my Hyundai car…

  • I was like initially 'oh
    there goes another one
    trying to send a message
    to space'. But they blew
    my mind after watching it,
    as I didn't realize they were
    trying to literally send
    message to space!!!

  • Best Hyundai video
    I've ever seen.

  • I am forever 'skip ad'
    when ever I use You Tube
    but when I heard the music
    and then Advertisement
    I sat and watched it, then
    I Googled it again and have
    watched it again. Thank
    you Hyunadai it is a
    wonderful story
    encapsulated with a car
    Adnertisement. By the
    way... I drive a Hyundai!

  • Thumbs Up: You simply
    have to see this world
    record setting event!

  • It proves that in love
    there is no distance.
    I was so moved when
    watching this.

  • Amazing ad…Awesome!!

  • This just blew my mind
    what a cool concept.

  • Great ad, great message,
    great music! Thank you
    Hyundai!!! :D

  • This ia amazing…
    it is well worth watching…

  • now this is pretty cool.
    Well done, hyundai.

Global Hyundai Brand

From the United States, Central America, Western Europe all the way to Australia, Hyundai continues to advance in becoming the world’s leading automobile brand with its global interest and support from international users.

World Press Reviews

As one of Hyundai’s innovative projects, ‘A Message to Space’ campaign has been highly acknowledged by over 1,500 global press and the media in recognition of its beauty and in opening up new possibilities for the automobile industry.

  • Look at that message,
    just beautiful,
    so sweet.

    NBC, The Today Show
  • Project's success help
    them connect despite the
    incredible distance.

    Huffington Post
  • It's a pretty grand
    production. Great stunt
    with a human touch.

  • This brings tears to
    my eyes, and gives me
    goose bumps.



New International Achievements

Honored with three Bronze Lions in the Craft, Direct, and Outdoor film categories at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in celebration of its creative perspective that challenge the communications landscape.

Third Prize Award in the ‘Film: Use of Medium’ category at the 2015 New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising awards with its modern premium brand direction and brilliant interactive communication.

Guinness World Records®

Hyundai Motor Company makes Guinness World Records® 2015 with an incredible achievement of Hyundai Genesis creating the world’s largest tire track image that measures 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) at Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada, USA on Jan 18.

Guinness World Records® Official Website