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    Social Responsibility

    The concept of “corporate social responsibility” is emerging as one of the keywords defining today’s business environment, as the emphasis on the social roles and functions of companies is increasing. Hyundai Motor Company engages in a variety of systematic and strategic Social Contribution programs every year on the basis of its Long-term Social Contribution Road Map that extends to 2012. From 2011 through 2012 when its Social Contribution activities enter the mature stage, we will seek to develop unique Social Contribution models and campaigns that will reflect its core values and help it become a respected company.

    Social contribution symbol and slogan As a slogan that summarizes the Company’s entire social contribution philosophy, “Moving the World Together” expresses Hyundai Motor Company’s desire to make changes for the better together with its neighbors through love and actions. “Moving” represents the desire for continuous change and development, “World” represents the hopes and dreams of the world, and “Together” represents the harmonious partnership with society. To strengthen the company’s resolve to make “Moving the World Together” a reality, the slogan has been translated into 23 languages.

  • The Conceptual

    Hyundai’s CSRs can be divided among economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.
    The economic responsibilities, touching the fundamental basis of any profit making organization and including the needs to create jobs and to receive investments, are fulfilled by ensuring trustworthy management. Hyundai, as an active corporate citizen, also fulfills its social responsibilities through its various CSR campaigns, projects, and programs catering to the needs of its stakeholders, including the marginalized of society at large, employees, customers, partner businesses, and local communities. The company also implements systems of environmental management in order to fulfill the environmental responsibilities it bears as a leading automaker.





    • Trust-based Management
    • Fair Trade
    • Corruption Prevention
    • Stockholders / Investors
    • CSR information Disclosure
    • Social Contribution
    • Employees / Customers
    • Suppliers’ Local Community
    • Minimization of Climate Change Effect
    • Reduction of Gas Emission
    • Recyclability Increase
    • Clean Production
  • Areas of Strategic

    As an active corporate citizen of the global society, Hyundai Motor Company has a clear and firm philosophy and conviction about its social responsibilities. Under the group-wide management philosophy of “Realizing the Aspirations of the Human Race by Creating a New Future through Creative Thinking and Constantly Embracing New Challenges”, we develop and participate in our own Social Contribution programs that reflect our core values and sincerity.

    Vision for
    Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond.
    As a leading automarker and producer of automobile culture, Hyundai motor company conducts eco-friendly economic activities and fulfills its social responsibilities actively in order to ensure happiness and sustainable society for all.
    Core values
    of social
    • Eco-friendly economic activities and efforts for environmental protection.
    • Fulfilling social responsibilities with the spirit of corporate citizenship.
    • We strive to create a sustainable future in partnership with the civil society.
    • We practice the social values of human dignity and happiness.
    • We respond immediately to the social demands made on us from around the world.
  • Vision

    "Lifetime Partner in Automobiles and Beyond"

    As an active, responsible corporate citizen of the international society, HMC maintains a firm philosophy and conviction when it comes to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Faithful to the Hyundai Motor Group’s mission of "Realizing the Aspirations of Humankind by Pioneering a New Future through Creative Thinking and Continuous Rising to Challenges," the company carries out its CSR mission statement and core values in all the areas of its social activities and contribution.

  • Global CSR Website

    In 2007, a year dedicated to global social contribution, Hyundai Motor Company prepared its infrastructure to execute corporate social responsibility, as well as social contributions. It established the 'Hyundai Motor Global CSR Network'

    with primary production and sales subsidiaries around the world, and will establish a network covering all its subsidiaries worldwide, by continuously extending the network. Hyundai also laid foundations by promoting global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, and by developing and opening the 'Global CSR Web site' for information exchange.

    CSR Website Sustainbility

    Social Contribution Activities White Paper