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Hyundai’s NEW THINKING and
NEW POSSIBILITIES can also be felt in its design
philosophy and technologies. Cars as living works
of art that convey the flowing dynamism of nature
that is Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture design aesthetic.
Not only that, Hyundai sponsors many sports games,
and constantly explores new ways to communicate
with customers using new media. Its ongoing
environmental management and contributions to
society are now more than just a slogan, and are
becoming a way of life that is uniquely Hyundai.

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Hyundai’s Brand slogan,
A brand slogan embodies the essence of a brand, from its philosophy to its vision and identity. Hyundai’s brand slogan “NEW THINKING. NEW POSSIBILITIES.” reflects the will of Hyundai Motor Company to create new possibilities to benefit the world and its people by encouraging and developing new thinking. All members of Hyundai have the brand slogan deeply engraved in their hearts as they move forward in their effort to provide new values and experiences desired by today’s customers through innovative ways that are unique to the brand, driven by new thinking about customers and cars.
Hyundai’s Brand direction, Modern premium
Hyundai’s brand direction “Modern premium” does not just mean luxury cars; it is about providing new values and experiences to yet more customers of today through ways that are unique to the brand and which go beyond what customers expect by combining exceptional performance with reasonable price and emotional elegance.
Being simple but perfect, staying faithful to the basics yet different from the others, and not forgetting the big picture while paying attention to the smallest details; developing cars that cater to the diverse lifestyles of customers and propose an advanced automobile life and culture; enriching the lives of customers who have an active and positive approach to life—that is the Modern premium of Hyundai Motor Company.


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